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About EuFoA


Thank you for your interest in European-Armenian relations. Whether you are an Armenian friend of Europe or a European friend of Armenia, our organisation and this website want to help build closer connections. Armenia features higher on the European agenda than ever, but the EU and Armenia must work hard to make projects like the Eastern Partnership become a noticeable success. People in Armenia must feel that the EU is making a positive difference for them, and the EU must see that Armenia is a strategic, economic and cultural partner worth engaging with. The political, economic and cultural co-operation of the past years has shown that much progress is possible and already very visible. This is what European Friends of Armenia wants to support and speed up. We will work hard to link decision makers on both sides and to inform about challenges and successes in European-Armenian relations. This website will document this work and will seek to provide all key information about the state of Armenia's relations with Europe.


Thank you for your interest in our organisation. Below we answer the key questions about our aims and background. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any remaining questions.



Who we are


European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) is an interna­tional non-governmental organisation seeking to support integration and build bridges between Ar­menian and European decision makers and the civil society in the fields of politics, business and culture.



Why Armenia?


Located on the edge of Eastern Europe, Armenia is a mountainous country boasting European heritage. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity in 301 AD. It is among others a member of the Council of Europe, OSCE, Euronest and WTO.



Goals and priorities


Building bridges between Europe and Armenia remains our primary goal. Anything that helps us accomplish this goal becomes our priority.


Examples of our accomplishments


  • Creating the Europe-Armenia Advisory Council (EAAC, currently at 22 members)
  • Organising seminars, conferences and public events on Europe-Armenia related issues
  • Cooperating with renowned think tanks and foundations such as CES, GMF US, FPC, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and EPC
  • Offering field research trips for media, think tanks and decision makers to the region
  • Rewarding an exceptional individual with the Charles Aznavour Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Fostering Europe-Armenian Friendship
  • Co-sponsoring the Caucasian Chamber Orchestra's "Concert for Peace" in the European Parliament





How we work


EuFoA is always expanding its network, offering know-how and contacts to both the Armenian and European sides. We foster people-to-people contacts between key members of the civil society and are raising awareness of Armenia's sharing in the European community of values.




















The EuFoA Team


Our multicultural team works together to achieve our goals. We are active in several areas, including
  • Networking and cooperating with EU Institutions
  • Academic research
  • Event management
  • Media coverage

Besides the full-time staff members, EuFoA takes on a number of interns throughout the year who are given an exclusive inside-look into NGO work.



Our sponsors


EuFoA's initial sponsoring came from Armenia, but we seek to diversify our financial sources and invite interested parties based or active in Europe to support us.
With all our sponsors we have a non-interference agreement, meaning that they do not influence our day-to-day work at any time. We do not accept funds from governmental institutions and political sources.



Join our network!


EuFoA is open to cooperation with all parts of civil society as well as NGOs sharing our goals and values. We also promote partnerships with different organisations, associations as well as Diaspora and Armenian communities.


EuFoA is a member of the European Movement International, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and Reporters without Borders.



Our offices


EuFoA's headquarters are based in Brussels close to the European Institutions where most of our work takes place. We additionally have a branch office in Yerevan.



Brussels Office

Rue de Trèves 49

1040 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32 2 233 11 00+32 2 233 11 00

Fax: +32 2 230 03 09


Yerevan Branch Office

27 Azatuttyan Avenue, 4th floor, s. 403

Yerevan, 0014, Armenia

Phone: +374 60 37 1100+374 60 37 1100