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  • EuFoA event on Nagorno-Karabakh democratic development and parliamentary elections

    On 14 July, EuFoA hosted a roundtable briefing on the Democratic development of NK and the legislative elections observation mission by the NK Group in the EP. The event's keynote speaker was Mr Frank Engel MEP, head of this EOM.
    Published on Wednesday 15 July 2015
  • Nagorno-Karabakh Parliamentary Elections - Final Report by the Artsakh Group in the European Parliament Election Observation Delegation

    Following an invitation by Mr Ashot Ghulyan, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, the Nagorno-Karabakh Group in the European Parliament decided to send a delegation to observe the legislative elections in Nagorno-Karabakh scheduled for 3 May 2015.
    The delegation's members conducted their activities between 2 and 4 May, and also cooperated with other present Parliamentarians from EU Member States. Their short-term observation mission was conducted in accordance with the European Parliament practices, starting with interviews to all candidates the day before the elections, then observing over 20 polling stations, including the opening of some, as well as the counting and closing.
    Please click here to read the final report of the delegation.
    Published on Tuesday 14 July 2015
  • EP report calls for greater engagement with Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

    On 9 July, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a report on the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The report, assessing the EU's approach towards its immediate neighbours, contains several points relevant to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Among others, it "calls for the ENP to be developed into a more tailor-made and flexible policy framework that is able to adapt to the diversity that exists among partner countries", while considering that the "EU should invite non-association partner countries to engage in sectorial cooperation, including the possibility of concluding new or reinforcing existing sectorial agreements". In addition, the report supports enhancing mobility within the neighbourhood through visa facilitation and liberalisation and requests the European Commission to offer ENP countries participation in additional EU agencies and programs such as FRONTEX, EUROPOL, or Erasmus.

    Published on Thursday 9 July 2015
  • Riga Summit strengthens EU-Armenia relations

    During the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit in Riga on 22 May, the EU and the EaP countries have issued a joint declaration that reviewed the EaP achievements so far and mapped out its priorities and goals ahead of the next summit in 2017. Several points of the declaration concern Armenia and its future relations with Europe.
    European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) welcomes this declaration. "It seems that the EU and Armenia are working together to reach a common understanding on issues of mutual interest, and this gives us hope that the negotiations for a new legal framework between both sides will be launched soon", comments EuFoA Director Mr Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa.
    Published on Saturday 23 May 2015
  • Lessons learned so far in Armenia’s search for energy efficient housing

    In June 2012 the Armenian National Social Housing Foundation (ASBA) signed up to facilitate the sustained development of energy efficient buildings. Just three years on and the energy efficient obligations are already under way in a number of new housing schemes, particularly in poor villages where housing is much needed. There are also many projects which have been implemented in Dilijan, and the success of the new energy efficient policy in building construction can be gathered from this.
    Published on Friday 15 May 2015
  • Nagorno-Karabakh Parliamentary Elections - Preliminary Report by the Artsakh Group in the European Parliament Election Observation Delegation

    Following an invitation sent by Mr. Ashot Ghulyan, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, the Artsakh Group in the European Parliament decided to send a delegation to observe the legislative elections in Nagorno-Karabakh scheduled for 03 May, 2015.
    Despite the non-recognised status of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and therefore, the absence of an official observation mission of the European Parliament or the OSCE, the Group decided to assess and witness the electoral process. In particular, we take into consideration its positive evolution and commitment in terms of democratic development and respect for human rights and rule of law since its independence in 1991.
    The delegation was headed by Mr. Frank Engel, President of the Artsakh Group in the European Parliament, and was composed of several MEPs and supporting staff. They conducted their activities from 02 May till 04 May, and also cooperated with other Parliamentarians of EU Member States.
    Published on Monday 4 May 2015
  • European Movement adopts a resolution on the Armenian Genocide

    The European Movement International (EMI), a pan-European organisation promoting European integration, has adopted by unanimity a resolution on the Armenian Genocide during its Federal Assembly taking place in Riga on 24-25 April. With the adoption of this text, the European Movement is "joining its voice to over twenty states, a number of international organisations and institutions including the European Parliament (in 1987 and in 2015), the Council of Europe (in 2001), and EURONEST PA (in 2015) which have already recognised the Armenian Genocide."

    European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) was one of the co-authors of the resolution, along with the Armenian chapter of the EMI. EuFoA Director, Mr Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa, comments: "The European Movement is an important European organisation with a magnificent history of almost 70 years of existence. We are very grateful that this organisation that has always been in the avant-garde of the European values and the EU construction has added its voice to so many others commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide during this special year."

    Published on Saturday 25 April 2015
  • Nagorno-Karabakh joins European Union political structures

    On 17 April, during its annual General Assembly taking place in Bautzen, Germany, the European Free Alliance party (EFA), a pan-European political family, voted in favour of integrating the Democratic Party of Artsakh (DPA) into its ranks.

    "The EFA associated membership granted today is important not only because it contributes to a further international exposure of Karabakh. It also shows that Nagorno-Karabakh's political development is in line with EU standards and that its democratic progress is comparable with what we have in the EU" explains Mr Lorenzo Ochoa, Director of European Friends of Armenia.

    Published on Friday 17 April 2015
  • European Parliament commemorates the centennial of the Armenian Genocide

    On 15 April, the European Parliament has gathered for a mini-plenary session in Brussels. One of the texts passed was a resolution on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Making reference to other European texts voted on the issue in the recent years, the resolution "pays tribute, on the eve of the Centenary, to the memory of the one-and-a-half million innocent Armenian victims" and calls on Turkey "to come to terms with its past, to recognise the Armenian genocide and thus pave the way for a genuine reconciliation between Turkish and Armenian peoples".

    European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA) warmly welcomes this resolution. EuFoA Director Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa comments: "The European Parliament has once again proven its solidarity and support to the Armenian people, paying tribute to the innocent victims of the Genocide thus expressing its strong rejection to any kind of genocide denialism. The Parliament's stance on genocides and crimes against humanity could not be clearer! "

    Published on Wednesday 15 April 2015
  • ENP Country Progress Report on Armenia – 2014

    On 25 March 2015, the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy published the 'Country Report' for Armenia, about progress in the Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy for the year 2014 and containing a set of recommendations for the future. This document reports on the progress made in the implementation of the EU-Armenia European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Action Plan between 1 January and 31 December 2014. Developments outside this period are taken into consideration where relevant.
    Published on Monday 30 March 2015